Tailored to the Players
Help your athletes achieve peak performance with automatic metric data collection. Quantifying an athlete’s performance provides coaches and trainers with a critical layer of game-changing information that reinforces their coaching. The amount of time required, resources, expertise and energy that is needed to collect and process this information can be overwhelming. Zoptic’s agile & robust platform does this for you on a player-specific level, enhancing your coaching programs with data-backed insights.

Capture Video Automatically
Historically, capturing real-time footage with the ability to pan, tilt and hold zoom required a full-time camera operator. Zoptic does all of this automatically with multiple cameras on a single unit, each ‘tuned’ to individual players. Engineered for durability, Zoptic will work in both indoor & outdoor practice and training environments. Accelerating the process even further, the data/metrics and video footage is auto-uploaded to a secure, encrypted cloud based platform for rapid review by staff and athletes.